MGTD Pirii

“Training and Development for Growth”

MGTD Pirii is an award winning Perth-based Registered Training Organisation offering vocational education, training & development courses and qualifications to adult students seeking to advance their careers in areas such as Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), Work Health and Safety (WHS), Business, Business Administration, Management, Project Management, Auditing, Lead Auditor, Logistics, Training and Assessment, Risk Management and many other key areas of today’s business world.


We are dedicated to the development of students through the use of focused training, leading to development of them as persons and developing their self worth and image, leading to growth in all aspects of their lives and building greater employment opportunities.


Our Mission Statement: 

MGTD Pirii will become the providers of choice for the support of business and individuals throughout Australia through the provision of quality training and development services.


Our Motto:

“Give someone a fish and you feed them for a day, teach someone to fish and you feed them for a lifetime,  teach someone to teach others to fish and you can feed the world”

Adapted from Maimonides, 12th century philosopher.